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Our Puppy Raising Style

      Here at Impression's, when we have a litter of puppies we take their first 8 weeks of life VERY seriously.  As babies it is critically important that  everything they learn about human interaction be entirely  positive. ALL our puppies are born in our livingroom and our kids are taught how to properly handle puppies and spend hours playing with them every day. We spend time from the minute they are born, gently holding them and talking to them and doing ENS (early neurological stimulation).  As they grow we provide them with all the necessary veterinary care, clean environment  and social interaction with children, adults, and other animals.  Yes, it's a lot of work but we feel it's so worth it! Our puppies are purposefully raised to become healthy and well socialized pets, perfectly suited for family homes. We are certain any puppy you get from us will have a happy, confident view of his world by the time it comes to your home!
Micro- Mini Aussie doodles $3,600
Micro Mini Goldendoodles  $4,200


No litters planned at this time

Micro-Mini Aussiedoodles

Watson 6m2.jpg
(Toy poodle)
Elanore 1y4.jpg
(F1 mini-aussiedoodle)
F1b Micro-mini Aussiedoodles
Status: Born!! January 25th
Sizes: 6-10 lbs
Availability: all sold

What comes with your puppy



  • Pre-spoiled and loved on! Our babies grow up with so much love by the time they come to you their favorite thing already is being held! They loved cuddling, they follow people around and play well with kids and other pets!

  • Vet checked.  Puppies will be able to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old. By this time they will have had their first set of shots, been de-wormed at least twice and had a check-up with our vet. 

  • Health record and training tips.  Each puppy goes  home a folder which contains their current health record, and a few pages of our personal puppy raising tips and suggestions for potty training and more.


  • Health Guarantee. All our adult dogs have a full panel genetic health screening completed before breeding. We keep all our dogs in pristine health, providing top quality food and routine health care. We provide a 5 day all inclusive health guarantee for each of our puppies!    

  • Frequent photos and updates. We know what it's like to be a new parent and eagerly await the day you can bring your new puppy home! So when you buy a puppy from us, we keep you up-dated with photos and videos of your new puppy until the week they can go home!  We post on our Facebook group A LOT! We even do some LIVE videos of the puppies births sometimes. So watch for updates on our Facebook group!                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Outstanding puppy raising.  Our unparalleled passion, education and dedication to properly raising each of our puppies from day one has set us apart from the rest. Our puppies are born in our home, loved on and handled daily by both children and a professional Animal Behaviorist (4 yr degree & 18+ years experience) Your puppy comes with the absolute best start in life possible.                      

  • Puppy Culture Raised.  We use a very similar concepts and practices to the puppy culture video series. Though we don't follow it to a T, with our background and experience with raising this breed, I have put my own methods into our puppies raising program which have proven very successful. However, to better give you an idea of how our pups are raised, it is VERY similar to what you would see in the Puppy Culture series.                                                                                                                         


We do not ship our puppies. However, many people fly into Chicago to pick up their puppy from us and fly back with it as carry-on. (See more about this on our Contacts page). It is HIGHLY preferable that you pickup your new puppy personally.  We invite you to see the home where the puppy was born and raised in order to learn what is familiar to them. This provides the most gentle transition to their new home, and we, particularly our children,  love to meet our puppies' new families!


We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to someone for any reason we feel they may be an unsuitable home for the puppy. Every buyer is required to fill out an application before adopting a puppy. 


We have a Welcome Home Policy:  If for any reason you are unable to keep your puppy, we will receive them back at ANY time (without refund).  We do not want any of our dogs abandoned or going to a shelter.


Please contact us with any questions you may have.

"A Unicorn"
These micro-miniature golden doodles are so much less common than your standard size golden doodles. They are harder to "make" (if you will) with Artificial Insemination being the only way to breed them. We also do not have any other breeds mixed in to bring their sizes down. We use only AKC Golden Retrieves and AKC Toy Poodles or AKC Australian Shepherds with full breeding rights and traceable pedigrees. (Also less common to obtain from your typical doodle breeder). 
This size, this health testing, these pedigrees, and with this expertise in both biological and behavioral education raising your new puppy. We challenge you to find higher quality (or cuter!) dog from a better breeder!
We have had some people wait nearly 2 years to get their new baby from us so take it from them..."Totally worth the wait!"
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