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Our Adult Dogs


Impression's Princess Elanore


Gender:  Female

Type:  F1Mini Aussiedoodle

Size:  11" 

Weight:  15 lbs

Elanore is the daughter of Tootsie and Quinn (one of our Mini Aussies)

Elanore is absolutely beautiful with a split face (2 colors) and a blue spot in her eye. She is a cuddly sweetheart, adores kids (lives with them) and she is 100% a little princess!


Gender:  Female

Type:  F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Size:  13" 

Weight:  10 lbs

Health Testing

DM: n/n

Ich: n/m

NES: n/n

PRA: n/m

PRCD: n/n

VWF: n/n

Sugar is Lolly's daughter! 

She is a very very sweet and happy little girl. She loves to snuggle and play. She's very fast and light on her feet.


Gender:  Male

Type:  Toy Poodle

Size:  10" 

Weight:  6 lbs

Health Testing

DM: n/n

Ich: n/n

NES: n/n

PRA: n/n

PRCD: n/n

VWF: n/n

                 *100% clear! 

Watson is a rare blue merle, parti toy poodle. (parti meaning part colored part white, and his patches of color are blue merle) 

Watson is a very sweet boy and always happy. He's not a barker, he loves cuddling and he's such a good boy!