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About Us...

We have been breeding and raising Mini Aussies for years. But our journey with mini goldendoodles began with a golden retriever named "Penny" back in 2012. We have always loved the "Golden" personalities that golden retrievers are known for. They are the sweetest, friendliest, and most loving dogs on the planet. We adored Penny and felt that if there were just 2 things that we would change it would be the size and the shedding! That led us to create the mini golden doodle. After much research and talking to breeders, we decided to breed Penny to a red toy poodle named Maverick. This breeding produced only one tiny puppy. We named her Lolly. This ended up being the perfect situation for us to really get to know the mini goldendoodle as a breed first hand. Though Lolly stole our hearts from the minute she was born, the love and enjoyment only grew, not just with us but with everyone who met her. She had that sweet winning personality with a little extra spunk from the poodle side. And she grew to only 17 lbs and did not shed at all! Yes we believe she is perfect ;) After a while we got our own little toy poodle boy named Tootsie Roll and began breeding our own mini golden doodles. Raised by our 3 daughters, our dogs have always ever been part of the family and we continue on their legacy by creating these sweet, fun, ADORABLE little doodle puppies who are leaving impressions on people's hearts all over the country!

Lenah and Lolly in leaves.jpg

Lolly 4 months old

Lolly beach 2.jpg

Lolly loves the beach with her girls

Girls easter 4-1-18.2.jpg
Penny 20251.jpg



Lila and puppy Penny "double trouble"


Tootsie Roll

Sugar 8w16.jpg

Lolly & Tootsie's daughter "Sugar"

The three best puppy raisers in the world!

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